Brands as Christmas gifts

In the fall, more and more books about brands are launched. As if some more evidence was needed, that brands are really part of French people’s culture.


A few years ago, books about brands (besides marketing books) mostly shared in the nostalgia of ancient posters, labels, or Vache qui rit and Banania metal boxes. Then came the fashion designers books. When the consumer cannot afford to bring back home a piece of the dream made of silk or leather, the simplest, cheapest way and the most symbolic one for the brand is: the book.
Last year, at the same period, the launch of the “Jeu du logo et des marques” by Lansay, a more cultural adaptation of the original English game, was a little turning point in our culture: it is now clear that brands are part of our historical and cultural patrimony. It is even now possible to please a relative with a brand history book.


“Le Grand Livre des marques”, in its October 2011 edition, still belongs to the “serious” category (as it is a study result); but a lot of works can be found in the “Beaux Livres” section of booksellers. Here are the fall launches for a “labeled” 2011 Christmas:


« The Cult of Lego », No Tarch Press Editions, in English and sold at Colette’s

« Histoire de l’Oréal. 1909 – 2009 » by Jacques Marseille (History of L’Oréal)


« Le roman de Weston » by Didier Van Cauwelaert », celebrating the 120th anniversary of the shoe brand history. J.M. Weston


« Histoire de la lingerie » by Chantal Thomass (A history of lingerie)


« Christian Louboutin », Rizzoli International Edition, for his 20 years of creation


« Manolo Blahnik – Dessins », drawings


« Yacco. L’huile des records du monde » of Xavier Chauvin (Yacco. The oil of world records)


« Ferrari. Une légende italienne » of Roberto Bonetto (Ferrari. An Italian legend)


Jean-Pierre Foucault did understand this lucrative line. A car fanatic, the French TV-program presenter launches a new book (Michel Lafon Edition) for each Christmas Eve:
« Ces voitures qu’on aime tant » in septembre 2007 (These cars we love so much)


« Les 60 ans de 2CV » in October 2008 (60th anniversary of the 2CV)


« Les 90 ans de Citroën » in Octobre 2009 (The 90th anniversary of Citroën)


« Les 200 ans de Peugeot » in November 2010 (The 200th anniversary of Peugeot)


And this year: « The Renault saga ». Thank you, Jean-Pierre!


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