Advertising recycles History

Till August 28, 2011, you can discover the “Advertising recycles History” exhibition of Les Arts Décoratifs. What are the unifying elements of our collective memory, how are they used by advertisers? A visit through 300 archive documents.



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Vuitton, a traveler in History

The famous brand with a monogram regularly evokes the depth of its history, a story built on traveling, while underscoring its core business: trunk and luggage.

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The quietened rebel: L’Eau sauvage de Dior

Dior chose Alain Delon to embody one of the great classics of French perfumery: L’Eau sauvage. Yet, the campaign does not put the seventy-year-old star forward, but the young Alain Delon, at the top of his seductive power, when he was 31…


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