Perrier Eau-la-la… The sexiest sparkling water is 150 years old.


This year, Perrier celebrates its 150th anniversary. This is the opportunity to come back on one brand image aspect: a wild, assumed but always elegant sensuality. Read more

The little black… / Looking for its basics

In 2012, Guerlain  forcefully made its own the field of the little black dress (with the public launch of its perfume created in 2008). A great classic was suddenly swallowed up.

Despite a tribute attempt, it was more like a robbery, for isn’t it Gabrielle Chanel who democratized it in 1926? Read more

Brands as Christmas gifts

In the fall, more and more books about brands are launched. As if some more evidence was needed, that brands are really part of French people’s culture.


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Flashback: Lutetia by Pierre Assouline. A company faced with war

With this highly documented novel, Pierre Assouline gives us a non-objective, though global and new point of view of a company’s life. Inside the hotel’s walls, a performance of the Parisian and international scene is being played with political, emotional and social stakes.


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Inconvenient past: crisis communication and World War II

A great number of brands and companies have become aware of the importance of their history, even of the necessity to restore it through a more or less convincing storytelling to their clients and widely to the general public. However, dark and not so dark sides are often overshadowed or minimized in the construction of a unifying and meaningful history of the brand. Indeed…

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Ready-to-wear: the appeal of authenticity

The Bread & Butter Fair that was held in Berlin from January the 20th to the 22nd confirmed the interest of the ready-to-wear market in ancient and famous brands. Some explanations.


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Tropicana and the erratic historical discourse


After failing to launch its new packaging in the United States – announced by a return to the former design and a loss of 35 million dollars in the reworking and the media campaign – Tropicana, a PepsiCo subsidiary, continues with its chaotic communication.

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