Hugo & Victor: a gourmet success story

There’s a little gourmet brand born in Paris, growing and expanding: Hugo & Victor. After barely 4 years, several shops opening and the beginning of an international expansion, the brand is – already – publishing a book: « Les 5 saisons par Hugo & Victor Paris – 80 créations au fil des saisons » (“The 5 Seasons by Hugo & Victor Paris – 80 Creations through the Seasons”.  Is it speed or haste?

I have met Sylvain Blanc for a passion-story-interview so as to understand the Hugo & Victor mechanism: a young and true success story.

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Lancôme treats itself to a book for its anniversary

In 2010, Lancôme celebrates its 75th anniversary. For this occasion, a book comes out at Les Editions du Regard (79€). It can be read like a novel (Stéphane Guilbourgé, the author, is both a novelist and a journalist); besides, it is lavishly illustrated. The brand tells its story from its beginning (the first promotional film, laboratory research…) and it highlights the influence of women in its construction: the first beauty advisor women that traveled worldwide, the ambassadresses and muses but also the lovers of the brand with a rose.