The invention of travelling: Louis Vuitton at le Grand Palais

24 April 2016/by Sophie

Perrier – the campaign of the summer

30 September 2015/by Sophie

BrandMemory: the interview by Comptoir des Entreprises

19 September 2015/by Sophie

One view of the Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition

12 July 2015/by Sophie

Baccarat: from the Exhibition to New York, an exponential anniversary

11 March 2015/by Sophie

Hugo & Victor: a gourmet success story

6 April 2014/by Sophie

“Culture Chanel” – from culture to brand?

15 September 2013/by Sophie

Van Cleef & Arpels: a bewitching retrospective

15 September 2013/by Sophie

Schizophrenia and the luxury field values

15 September 2013/by Sophie

Tested for you: the visit of Dior’s salons – Avenue Montaigne – Les Journées Particulières of LVMH.

10 July 2013/by Sophie

The collector – a guarantor of the brand’s memory ?

5 July 2013/by Nadia

Perrier Eau-la-la… The sexiest sparkling water is 150 years old.

30 May 2013/by Nadia

Corseterie: the forgotten one in the Lingerie field

12 May 2013/by Sophie

The little black… / Looking for its basics

12 January 2013/by Sophie

Shoes, a French passion

1 November 2012/by Sophie

Flashback on « Le dessein du geste »

22 October 2012/by Sophie

The Louis Vuitton Marc Jacobs exhibition at les Arts Décoratifs

10 September 2012/by Sophie

“Lingerie Française” Exhibition: the other side of a not so glamorous industry

24 July 2012/by Sophie

The Virtual Museum: a new window on brands

12 April 2012/by Sophie

RICARD S.A. since 1932

3 April 2012/by Sophie

Let’s stay tuned!

19 March 2012/by Sophie

Journées Particulières: first results

25 January 2012/by Sophie

A 2011 review

19 January 2012/by Sophie

Brands as Christmas gifts

7 December 2011/by Sophie

Flashback: Lutetia by Pierre Assouline. A company faced with war

2 December 2011/by Sophie

Inconvenient past: crisis communication and World War II

29 November 2011/by Nadia

Tested for you: Fragonard perfumery

17 November 2011/by Sophie

Louis XIII puts motion in place of honor too

5 October 2011/by Sophie

Journées Particulières: the craftsmen’s traditional and technical dexterity honored

10 September 2011/by Sophie

Advertising recycles History

17 July 2011/by Sophie

Château Haut-Brion: 75 years of family traditions and centuries of legacy celebrated with elegance

6 July 2011/by Sophie

Jeep, 70 years of adventure exhibited

16 June 2011/by Sophie

“125 years of mutual happiness”

7 June 2011/by Nadia

Triumph: 125 years celebrated with tomorrow’s designers

8 May 2011/by Sophie

A train for Nivea’s centennial

30 April 2011/by Sophie

Dior faced with Galliano: in search of the magic rubber

13 March 2011/by Sophie

A great French Museum for Lalique

11 March 2011/by Sophie

Eternellement Dior: a climax exhibition at Le Bon Marché

2 March 2011/by Sophie

Fashion, luxury and know-how: the end of the cult of youth?

28 February 2011/by Sophie

Dr Pierre Ricaud: Anniversary = Gift!

20 February 2011/by Sophie

50 years of Valentine’s Days and not a wrinkle!

15 February 2011/by Sophie

Voyage en Capitale: Louis Vuitton and Paris at the Carnavalet Museum

7 February 2011/by Sophie

Ready-to-wear: the appeal of authenticity

6 February 2011/by Sophie

Cover Girl – the girls of the magazines at Les Galeries Lafayette

30 January 2011/by Sophie

Tested for you: the visit of the Papillon cellars

24 January 2011/by Sophie

700 years of Armagnac – 7th and last part

11 January 2011/by Sophie

700 years of Armagnac – 6th part

29 December 2010/by Sophie

Bulgari at Le Grand Palais

19 December 2010/by Sophie

700 years of Armagnac – 5th part

18 December 2010/by Sophie

Shiseido: which artist will be selected for the Windows Art?

10 December 2010/by Sophie

700 years of Armagnac – 4th part

30 November 2010/by Sophie

700 years of Armagnac – 3rd part

14 November 2010/by Sophie

Urban Art Box: an artistic celebration of the 30 years of presence of Shiseido in France

22 October 2010/by Sophie

700 years Armagnac – 2nd part

15 October 2010/by Sophie

Tropicana and the erratic historical discourse

6 October 2010/by Nadia

700 years of Armagnac

6 October 2010/by Sophie

Thirty-year-old Biba

21 September 2010/by Sophie

Vuitton, a traveler in History

24 August 2010/by Nadia

The quietened rebel: L’Eau sauvage de Dior

24 August 2010/by Nadia

For its 100th anniversary, Samsonite treats itself to an exhibition

26 July 2010/by Sophie

Fabergé – Historical treasures, a promise of excellence?

12 June 2010/by Sophie

A green house for a red cow

19 May 2010/by Sophie

Lancôme treats itself to a book for its anniversary

11 May 2010/by Sophie

Château Haut-Brion: 75 years of family traditions and centuries of legacy celebrated with elegance

The legacy of some brands is sometimes simply dazzling. Among them, wines and spirits are often to be found in a prominent position. But few estates can boast of such a great connection between tradition, innovation, national and international history as Château Haut-Brion. To celebrate the 75th anniversary of his family’s acquiring Château Haut-Brion, Prince Robert de Luxembourg has harmonized all the prestige and refinement details.


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“125 years of mutual happiness”

In 1886, John Stith Pemberton, a chemist, developed a refreshing and reinvigorating elixir, the medicinal qualities of which he praised. 125 years later, the “Coca-Cola Company” celebrates its anniversary in Atlanta and multiplies events in the whole world. In Paris, the “125”, a pop-up space, offers to plunge into the heart of the brand and its history.

Célébration Atlanta2

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