A 2011 review

2011 is over! We could not write about all the companies’ events that marked the year. There were still some nice anniversaries to talk about.


Among them:
Celebrating their 50 years:
La Maison Yves Saint Laurent, Auchan and Sprite were born in 1961.

Celebrating their 90 years:?
Gucci, Weleda, La Vache qui rit, JB Martin, Alessi, Filofax et and the two fashion magazines, L’Officiel and Vogue, dating from 1921.?



Celebrating their 100 years:?
Chevrolet and Trussardi born in 1911.?


Celebrating their 120 years:?
Philips and Delacre born in 1891.


Celebrating their 130 years:?
Nathan, Seiko, Cerruti, Kodak and T. Leclerc born in 1881.

Celebrating their 160 years:?
Singer and Bally were founded in 1851; innovation was rather out of the French territory that year.

Celebrating their 170 years:?
Hasselblad, Armand Thierry and C&A began their story in 1841.

Celebrating their 200 years: which is far from being commonplace, Charles de Cazanove and Perrier-Jouët appeared in 1811.

The prize goes to Faber-Castel, created in 1761, the brand celebrates its 250 years’ business!

Among the greatest celebration actions, we mostly notice:

  • Weleda, with the special edition of its magazine, an issue dedicated to its 90th anniversary, that you can read on the Internet here


  • Perrier-Jouët, with its item created by Daniel Arsham, containing 2 magnums of Belle Epoque 1998 and – shot at Harcourt’s. – a portrait series of celebrities (among whom Mr Ricard, Delon, Castelbajac, Ducasse, etc.), on a Perrier-Jouët background.



  • And especially Gucci , which organized numerous celebrations for its 90th anniversary (what will the 100 years celebration be like ?), celebrations among which the launch of a capsule collection reviewing its fashion and leather goods classics, the creation of a collection of watches for men and women, with an aesthetics close to the Gucci 1921 of its beginning, the tuning of the Fiat 500, a book, entitled “Gucci, the making of” – due at the end of the year –


and above all, the opening of nothing less than its own museum in Florence. More information on the museum here.


Each time, the communication was mostly focused on the brands Internet site.

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