Fashion, luxury and know-how: the end of the cult of youth?

With their new print ads, the great fashion brands give us a nice surprise: they reveal their ages!

With the cyclical rhythm of the seasons (now with capsule or cruising collections), the constantly younger models and the recruitment of ever younger bloggers… the fashion world could not allow us to predict a return to its roots.
And yet, here it is. As Sonia Rachline wrote in the French Vogue of February, fashion “does not like anything more today than being able to enrich its products with an extra memory, history or emotion”. And when memory, history and emotion are combined with a perfect and inimitable know-how, brands finally decide to let it know.

We were used to their assertion about capital cities (Paris, Milan, Madrid, etc.), as expressions of a style, a prestige, and a dream to take over. From now on, we will have to count their years as so many testimonies of a proven technique skill, of a still contemporary style and of a still visionary management… since they are still there.

Here is evidence in images with Trussardi, celebrating its centenary in 2011, and with others (for which age is not a round figure, but who cares?): Bally, Loewe and Hermès:





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