Dr Pierre Ricaud: Anniversary = Gift!

Dr Pierre Ricaud celebrates its 25-year anniversary and takes the opportunity to activate its relationship marketing. And it lands flat…

At the end of January, I receive an e-mail from Dr Pierre Ricaud entitled “Happy Birthday: 3 gifts reserved for you”. Quite aware of the direct marketing techniques of mail-order sellers – and of their being inclined to offer you a gift for your birthday – I say to myself: “no, guys, it is not my birthday, your database is rubbish!!”
In fact, it was not about my birthday but about Dr Pierre Ricaud’s lab anniversary! It is well-known: Anniversary = Gift. But this time, the gifts are on the customers.

A little review of the site and brand history for the occasion. Indeed, the laboratory gives little precision about its story, values, except for a few innovations (similar to every cosmetics and anti-ageing market actor), the opening of an institute, prizes in the feminine press… Nothing special! And then, nothing special to offer to its prospects, except for the classic machinery of the relationship marketing of mail-order selling. In any case, this is quite a good illustration of the dangers of such a positioning.

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