50 years of Valentine’s Days and not a wrinkle!

The world’s most famous boy friend celebrates his birthday: Ken is 50, a little less than Barbie.

In 2009, Barbie was celebrating her anniversary with great pomp. In France, the event was the opportunity for many creations by the greatest couturiers, for an exhibition at Colette‘s…
Ken shows a more humble maturity, though he is also a superb example of cult product, a reflection of our society.
Ken first appeared in public in February 1961 at the Toys International Fair of New York. As for Barbie, Ruth and Ellioth Hander – the creators of this fascinating couple – they decided to use the firstname of their child, Kenneth, to name the doll.

When just born, Ken is puny and almost naked. As soon as the 70’s, he develops his muscles and dresses up! Dark-, brown- haired, or blond, he crosses the eras and the trends; his style is a testimony of men’s evolution. See for yourself, images in support!

Ken in 1978

Ken in 1984

Ken in 1992

Ken in the 2000’s

Ken in 2010

Today, Ken is still a man of his time: he even has his pages on Facebook and Twitter!

Photos : ©Mattel

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