700 years of Armagnac – 7th and last part

2010 is over and so is this noteworthy anniversary. We have come to the end of our Armagnac saga. History, communication, marketing, trade,… Armagnac evolves at the rate of the ones who make it, dismantle it, raise it and sell it. What about the taste? And what about the consumer?

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Bulgari at Le Grand Palais

__”Bulgari – 125 ans de magnificence italienne” (Bulgari – 125 years of Italian magnificence) is the continuation of the retrospective set up in Rome for the brand’s anniversary in 2009. Enriched, it shows 600 pieces, mostly never exposed before, from private collections, such as from Elizabeth Taylor’s or from Bulgari ‘s Vintage collection. With this event, Bulgari happens to be the first jeweler to enter the nave of Le Grand Palais.
Nice teaser, then. What about the visit?__


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700 years of Armagnac – 5th part

Armagnac is both a regional product and a historical product. Historical accidents have strongly influenced its development, for better and for worse. At the time of its anniversary, when the market is groping around, Armagnac would rather need a boost to recover the panache of former days.


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700 years of Armagnac – 3rd part

The history of Armagnac has therefore been epic except at the end of the 20th century. It also includes two legendary ambassadors:

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Urban Art Box: an artistic celebration of the 30 years of presence of Shiseido in France

Urban Art Box, subtitled « Exposition artistique de Ginza à Saint-Germain des Prés » (Artistic exhibition of Ginza in Saint-Germain des Prés), has just ended. A little presentation for those who missed it.

Lip Art – 1967

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700 years Armagnac – 2nd part

Previously, we saw how Armagnac was born and how it started development locally. What about overseas?

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700 years of Armagnac

Just the once will not hurt; we won’t talk about a brand but a product! And what a product!

Pub 2

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Thirty-year-old Biba

In the feminine press too, celebrating one’s anniversary is an important event.
In any case, it is an opportunity to communicate in another way, to assess the values highlighted at the beginning and to consider the real evolution. The October issue of Biba celebrates the 30th anniversary of “small and big Biba-ian fights”. The magazine marks the occasion with a Parisian evening and, for its readers, a collector scarf, drawn by Sonia Rykiel, and packed with the magazine.