For its 100th anniversary, Samsonite treats itself to an exhibition

__« Move Light, Pack’tage Evolution » such is the exhibition set in the DesignPack Gallery, in Paris, for the 100th anniversary of Samsonite. It retraces the evolution of the brand’s advertising, the reduction of the suitcases weights, it shows its great design creation and puts forward its latest success: the Cosmolite.

L'évolution de la publicité

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Lancôme treats itself to a book for its anniversary

In 2010, Lancôme celebrates its 75th anniversary. For this occasion, a book comes out at Les Editions du Regard (79€). It can be read like a novel (Stéphane Guilbourgé, the author, is both a novelist and a journalist); besides, it is lavishly illustrated. The brand tells its story from its beginning (the first promotional film, laboratory research…) and it highlights the influence of women in its construction: the first beauty advisor women that traveled worldwide, the ambassadresses and muses but also the lovers of the brand with a rose.