Schizophrenia and the luxury field values

Influenzia has just published an article about the luxury field schizophrenia. There is a real gap indeed between the values conveyed, highlighted by luxury brands and the habits or expectations of our time. But luxury is often the legacy of another time. This gap is no surprise then.


The article, to be read here, concludes answering its own final question: “Which values for luxury then? One’s own above all.”

Does the solution lie in questioning one’s own values when faced with a schizophrenic situation? Aren’t these values the bedrock? Wouldn’t the question rather be “Which attitude for luxury?”

Let’s go further on and especially ask ourselves: “Which attitude for luxury brands?”

For luxury is no more than a concept. Reality is to be found in the brands and companies that constitute the luxury field. These brands and companies sometimes struggle to find their way in our rough times. Actually by rediscovering their original values they ensure their continued existence.

Here is precisely the demonstration currently made by some brands and companies:

LVMH puts forward its values of work, protection of its know-how, patrimony, and even of patriotism during Les Journées Particulières;


Van Cleef & Arpels extols its legacy of highly meticulous and precise gestures in a book entitled “Eloge de la main”;


Dior does not yield to the “bling-bling” tendencies that are so successful on Asian markets – besides it develops uncluttered designs for Dior Homme – and prefers to narrate its sagas (Eau sauvage, the Roses, etc.);


Now that Pleyel & Co is back in la Salle Pleyel, it has recovered its truth by focusing on grand pianos and rediscovering the keys to the former sound, the sound by Chopin in his time.


The remedy to schizophrenia lies certainly in: knowing one’s truth, staying faithful to one’s original promise and magnifying one’s values.

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