Fabergé – Historical treasures, a promise of excellence?

Peter Carl Fabergé was a man of great modernity, a visionary. But the closing down of his company (1917), because of the Russian Revolution, then the family loss of the rights on the brand almost caused the end of this legacy, of which only the famous eggs remained in public imagination and memory. In 2007, Pallinghurst, a specialized investment firm, buys the brand. Its purpose is to restore its image, and to position it as one of the great names in jewelry trade. It launches an inaugural collection, creates a “Council of Fabergé legacy” and makes two female descendants of the family join the company. Thus, in September 2009, Fabergé Limited is officially revived.

The website is the visible synthesis of all this cohesion work between past, present, creation and customized trade: with the History or Collection pages, a smooth design, subtle animations, softness but also a protected mystery. The house online sale portal – a pioneer in the field, some already say – meets the present growing needs of the web while protecting the idea of privileged customer and of highly private and personalized follow-up: leave your contact details and you will be answered, groomed, followed up, because the discovery of the Fabergé collection should not look like your usual surfs on unchanging corporate websites or other online shops. The buying act is discreet, fast, and continuous, in other words contemporary, … and always elitist. Site_Faberge_2.png Site_Faberge_4.pngSite_Faberge_3.png

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