Eternellement Dior: a climax exhibition at Le Bon Marché

A funny coincidence… When parting from John Galliano, Dior House offers an exhibition devised as a creative and symbolic summary and puts into perspective its two creators, Christian Dior and John Galliano.


Tailleur Bar, Christian Dior, Spring-Summer 1947, on the left.

Tailleur Diosera, Christian Dior by John Galliano, Spring-Summer 1997 on the right.??


Photos ©Laziz Hamani

As Alice in Wonderland enter this little exhibition room, where the layout and a magnificent scenography will blur your spatial appreciation. Hushed atmosphere, where Dior Montaigne grey reigns. The scenography plays with you, brings you into a maze of displays and giant objects. Aren’t you a little lost? All the better!
Long glass-cases display a few dresses from the two eras, the two creators. Yet, the comparison remains barely noticeable. Between the dresses, (stand) the symbols of the House. Giant symbols, in front of which, impressed, we can try to feel the spirit of Dior. It begins with a J’adore Dior flask, at eye level, immediately referring to women’s generous curves. Farther on, canework is suggested inside of a giant powder compact whose mirror shows, the right way up, a video broadcast upside down in virtual eye shadows. A huge oval mirror (decorated with its Fontanges knot at the top) also broadcasts a video. On an enormous Medaillon chair there lies a Lady Dior bag, well-proportioned this time though made of porcelain and painted in gold. Two tall “Stockman” are also used as medium for image projection.
In the center, a pile of boxes for boots, shoes and hats. Some used as cases for more screens broadcasting advertisements, fashion shows or reports on the House know-how.
But the high point of the scenography is no doubt the gigantic virtual book recounting the history of the House, among photographs and quotes. And – what a technological miracle! – you will be able to turn the pages of the book yourself!
Finally, the two masters’ presence is evoked thanks to two big colorless paintings. Mr Christian Dior’s portrait is made of ashes on canvass. A nearly ghostly evocation of two creators of genius, of two bygone ages.
Until March the 26th, 2011 on the 2nd floor of le Bon Marché.

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