Ready-to-wear: the appeal of authenticity

The Bread & Butter Fair that was held in Berlin from January the 20th to the 22nd confirmed the interest of the ready-to-wear market in ancient and famous brands. Some explanations.


Consumers are looking for quality and authenticity. Do they need to be reassured after the crisis? Is it linked with the vintage tendency which holds its ground on this type of market?
From July 2009, the Bread & Butter Fair has created a customized space for “authentic” brands: the Lock (Labels of Common Kin). 70 brands that are focused on a particular lifestyle, outdoor and production quality were displayed there this year. Among them, ancient brands that regain strength thanks to their values and their past: Armor Lux (created in 1938), Aigle (1853), Barbour (1894), Stetson (1865), etc.


For this occasion, Bread & Butter edited a book with a somewhat cow-boy look, playing with ancient codes: yellowed paper, western or ironwork looking logotypes. Each brand is telling its story its own way, supported by pictures and advertisements.


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