Louis XIII puts motion in place of honor too

Louis XIII de Rémy Martin launches its jeroboam among a select group but with great pomp. A meaningful launch because it greatly honors a traditional practice of the Cellar Masters as it introduces the privileged consumer to a ritual reserved for the initiated.


Last June, Louis XIII de Rémy Martin invited a few lucky ones to discover its latest creation: the Jeroboam. Regularly, the cognac proposes its “faithful customers” design-linked novelties. Deprived of freedom in advertising because of the Evin law, alcohol brands rapidly took over a new expression field: design, in partnership with contemporary famous creators. The bottles are staged as works of art in bars or private collections. Every calendar event is exploited and linked to a consumption moment. The consumer is presented with every “tool” that can make tasting perfect: glass, stopper, box, etc.
This year, Louis XIII goes far beyond drawing from its roots and particular values. This cognac, matched with every single superlative, pays an emotional tribute to history with a new product designed to the utmost of luxury.


The discovery starts with an oak-wood presentation case. This is an important detail for it is of such wood that are made the barrels in which the eaux-de-vie age. And this case contains the jeroboam, two tasting glasses and a pipette. This pipette is an adaptation of the traditional tool, which allows the Cellar Master to draw up some of the precious liquid from the barrel. It is an exclusive tool, transmitted from generation to generation, from a Cellar Master to another Cellar Master. Thus, the brand pays a beautiful tribute to its “builder”* who guarantees the exceptional cognac signature and who is so particular an architect, as the eaux-de-vie he blends so patiently will not be enjoyed during his lifetime (they actually age for about a hundred years). This unique person, at present, is Pierrette Trichet. Her nose, her palate and her talent are serving generations to come.


This spectacular launch does not only rely on this beautiful call for the preparation, tasting and discovery ritual. It is also an opportunity to honor the XXth century, so says the brand. The monumental decanter implies a great celebration – over 10 pounds of crystal are actually needed to make it. But Louis XIII mostly wants to remind us that the 1200 eaux-de-vie it is made of, are the fruit and witness of their endless journey through the previous century. One century held in a glass, says the Internet site. A century in a jeroboam is even better!
So much greatness necessarily leads to rarity: this presentation case will be produced in limited number and will be reserved for some privileged ones. At 16,000 Euros the object, frankly, it is quite obvious…


  • with reference to the builders of cathedrals


Photos : Rémy Martin

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