700 years of Armagnac – 6th part

Inspired by mass-market brands of cognac or whisky, given a rough time by the crisis, tempted by the global tendency of standardization, some Armagnac houses seem to give in to commercial dreams.

Other producers chose the way of elitism. Let’s take Joy for example. Roland and Olivier Gessler created this brand –labelling it as “Grands Armagnacs”-. They have searched for the most beautiful old eaux-de-vie and entrusted them to their cellar master for the assembling. Positioning themselves at the very top of the range, they decided to entrust the creation of their flasks to such great designers as Paco Rabanne to start with.


Beyond the marketing attempts, we can also notice the “Compagnie des Mousquetaires d’Armagnac”, which groups together the Armagnac producers that are attached to the terroir traditions and tempt to adapt them to modern life.

To be continued.

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