“125 years of mutual happiness”

In 1886, John Stith Pemberton, a chemist, developed a refreshing and reinvigorating elixir, the medicinal qualities of which he praised. 125 years later, the “Coca-Cola Company” celebrates its anniversary in Atlanta and multiplies events in the whole world. In Paris, the “125”, a pop-up space, offers to plunge into the heart of the brand and its history.

Célébration Atlanta2

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Triumph: 125 years celebrated with tomorrow’s designers

Triumph is celebrating 125 years of « corsetterie ». The anniversary is quite discreet, yet, it bets on the T.I.A. – the Triumph Inspiration Award – a competition in which the brand has cleverly woven links with the great fashion designers-to-be.


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A train for Nivea’s centennial

To celebrate its 100 years of business, the popular cosmetics brand has thought big and original. The Internet site will present the events to be discovered all year round. And Nivea will dip the public into the “bath” of cosmetics, during a travelling event… on board a train.

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