Shiseido: which artist will be selected for the Windows Art?

From September 22nd to October 10th, Shiseido opened up Ginza’s “Windows Art” to Parisians and displayed the work of 6 visual artists at Saint Germain’s square.

A former article was dedicated to the event.
A little reminder of what passers-by could see then:

  • Miroir de l’âme (Soul mirror) by Pauline Angotti, a tactile and voluptuous attraction


  • Sublimation by Isadora Chen, “bentos” to savor with your eyes only


  • Clair-obscur (Chiaroscuro) by Jean Isnard, the computer transformation of the heat of an embodied work of art


  • Narcisse by Hélène Launois, a complex universe where reflection becomes a way to oneself


  • 2ème sens by Eric Le Maire, a call for the softness of down
  • Empreinte by Emmanuel Lesgourgues, an ambivalent silhouette


And the winner is: Hélène Launois! She obtained the majority of the votes with her work “Narcisse”. A Facebook page shows the work by night and will let the public know about the artist’s stages in her preparation of her new work for Ginza Windows Art.

Photos : SB

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